Cultural Show

Cultural Dance show is yet another attraction of Nepali Bhojan. Bearing on mind to depict cultural of Nepal following dances will be performed on the stage to flourish the moment with us.

Kauda Dance:

The Kauda dance is very famous and old dance in Magar Community. This dance is popular in a community who inhabits in the mid-hills of Nepal. It is perform in the festival of Maghe Sankranti.

Manjushree dance

Once open a time Kathmandu valley was suppose to have been big lake. The god Manjushree open up the southern side of the valley, so that the water could flow out and the land become habitable. This dance depicts this legend and this dance is generally performed by the Buddhist priest.

Lakhe Dance:

In ancient period, there were lots of children killed by the Devil. Hence, to protect further childrens' life, astrologist also known as Jhankri had found the solution of Lakhe Dance. Lakhe swallod all the devils and onwards originally people from Kathmandu (Newar communities) celebrate this festival with a Lakhe dance program in every year of July-August at the festival of Indra Jatra.

Yeti Dance:

Snowman lives in Himalayas is known as Yeti. In Nepal, specialist has found only the foot prints in Mountains. Our cultural show will give you the glimps of Yeti that will appears infront of you.

Dhimal Dance:

Mahji which means Fisherman is popularly known as the name of DHIMAL as well. These people lives in Terai Part of Eastern Nepal. Fishing is their daily profession and during rainy day, before begining their work they like to enjoy the moment with drinking, singing and dancing. This dance is one of the part of Dhimal Community.

Newari Dance:

During the harvest season people from Newar Communities assemble in the village and enjoy the moment by dancing, singing and teasing each other.

Sherpa Dance:

This dance is performed by Sherpa communities in the Northern border area of Nepal/Tibet. Specially, Sherpa Dance is performed for welcoming new people in their village.

Tappa Dance:

Tappa is one of the folk dances of Nepal. It is popular among the Gurung community. The dance starts in a slow manner and then gets faster and faster towards the end. It is danced to the rhythm and beating of the hand drum, called Madal.

Tamang Dance:

Tamang community performs this dance in the hilly areas. They are like Sherpas and are quite brave. By tradition they are also good fighters and hard worker specially was popular as woodcutter. This dance is performed in accompaniment of the playing of a hand drum named Damphu with a team of boys and girls.

Tharu Dance:

People from the Tharu community living in the Terai, sourther part of Nepal performes this dance. These people are mostly living out of civilize with there own tradition.

Maruni Dance:

Maruni is a Nepali Dance of Western and Eastern Nepal. Normally, it is performed by males in female's dress. It is the most famous and oldest dance of Nepalese community residing in this region. This dance is performed even during many personal events, especially marriages.

Jhyaure Dance:

Based on love theme, it is very popular amongst the young boys and girls in the western hilly part of Nepal. Jhyaure dances is the media of entertainment in the hilly region of Nepal. This dance is very free and not restricted to any time but even during the rice-planting season it may be seen. The girls will sing the Jhyaure song and boys reply in the same manner.It is very joyful song and is a ritualized love theme.

Resham Firiri (Folk Dance) -

This dance will be performed at the end of the show and guest may have chance to stretch legs by practicing Nepalese folk dance joining hands with the cultural team.